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Shenzhen T&Y International Trade Co., LTD. : One-stop five-star hotel bathroom customization and global procurement experts Shenzhen T&Y International Trading Co., LTD., as the leading domestic four - and five-star hotel room bathroom customization and global procurement experts, we are committed to providing one-stop service for global customers. Our products include tissue boxes, trash cans, trays, consumable boxes, soap dishes, emulsion bottles, cups, bath salt POTS, coasters, etc. The main materials cover resin, leather, acrylic, hardware and wood, etc., not only excellent quality, but also fashion design, to meet the strict requirements of five-star hotels. Our services are not limited to product customization, we also provide professional help foreign buyers on behalf of procurement, inspection and transportation and other one-stop services. We have a wealth of industry experience and professional team to ensure that the procurement process is smooth and efficient, so that your procurement needs are perfectly met. Choose Shenzhen T&Y International Trade Co., LTD., make your five-star hotel room bathroom customization and global procurement become easier and more convenient. We look forward to working with you to create brilliant! Shenzhen T&Y International Trade Co., Ltd. always adhere to the customer as the center, quality as life, innovation as the driving force. We look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with more partners around the world to jointly create a better future.
Excellent quality, exquisite skills, choose our hardware products, let your life more peace of mind and satisfactory!
The surface of the resin products is smooth, the texture is delicate, and the colors are rich, which can not only show the fashionable and modern atmosphere, but also send out an elegant and warm atmosphere.
Exquisite bamboo and wood products, the use of high-quality bamboo wood carefully crafted, showing a unique natural texture.
The acrylic display box is not only beautiful and generous, but also strong and durable, which can effectively protect the internal items. Its high transparency allows people to clearly see the products inside the box, thus improving the attractiveness of the goods.
Leather - A symbol of luxury and quality Throughout history, leather has always been regarded as a symbol of luxury and quality. It not only has excellent texture, but also occupies a pivotal position in the fashion circle. We provide leather products, strict selection of high-quality raw materials, through exquisite processing, so that every inch of leather is flowing with high quality breath.
T&Y - Star hotel bathroom customization series

1. Build dreams for creativity and light up a bright future

At Tinsource International, we believe that creativity is the power to change the world and the source of a bright future. Whatever creative ideas you have, we will do our best to make them a reality. From personalized murals, office lobby decoration effects to shopping mall advertising wall design, we can tailor you to realize your creative dream.

2, professional technology, exquisite craft

As a company focused on spray painting, we have a professional and experienced team. Each of our artists has strict professional training and excellent artistic cells, knowing how to create and layout according to your needs and site characteristics. Whether it is painting walls, glass, floors, ceilings, doors, Windows, bodies, etc., we can bring you amazing results with superb technology and high-quality printing equipment.

3. Diversified styles to meet various needs

At Tinyuan International, we provide you with a wide variety of style choices to meet the needs of different people and different occasions. Whether you prefer a modern style with simple atmosphere, a European style with romantic refinement, or an industrial style with retro fashion, we can help you achieve it. At the same time, we can quickly adjust the tone, line and pattern design of the inkjet according to your needs, so that you can create a unique personalized creation.

4, high quality material, durable  

To ensure the quality and durability of our inkjet works, we use only the highest quality materials and environmentally friendly inkjet inks. Our inkjet inks are not only full in color, bright and long-lasting, but also resistant to water, fading and wear. Therefore, you can rest assured that you choose Tinyuan International inkjet service, because we guarantee that your inkjet works can be durable and maintain good condition for a long time.

5, personalized customization, to meet your every need

We understand that each customer's needs are unique and valuable. Therefore, at Tinsource International, we are committed to providing a personalized service to meet your every need. Whether it is a subtle adjustment to the print pattern, a change in size, or a change in the color scheme, we can adapt to your requirements. We also welcome you to have in-depth communication and exchange with our designers to ensure that the final spray painting works exactly meet your expectations.

6, dedicated service, continuous pay

At Tianyuan International, customer satisfaction is our biggest driving force and source. We always insist on providing dedicated service to ensure that every customer can get the most satisfactory experience with us. Our service from the preliminary consultation, scheme design, site construction to after-sales service, always considerate, full track. We hope that through our efforts, we can exceed your expectations and create a better living and working environment for you.